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Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
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We promise healthier homes, excellent acoustic ceiling removal, reliable technicians, and great quality materials that save you from the hassle of cleaning dust from the floor by efficientlyrepairing your cracked popcorn ceiling. They guarantee healthier properties with the proper removal of popcorn asbestos and promise to deliver freshly painted ceilings, which are thoroughlyrepaired and examined. Our adept contractors work as drywall repair experts for numerous years and know everything regarding matters in this business. From our consistency and professionalism to the quality of our work and of the materials applied, we offer you the best.

We excel at removing popcorn ceilings and their repairs

Rely on “Drywall Repair Van Nuys” for the removal of your popcorn texture. Since most of them were contaminated with asbestos, this is not really an option for most families. All people choose to remove popcorn ceilings to protect their families and the question is who to trust for this essential service. Undoubtedly, our popcorn ceiling removal company is fully equipped and works with specialized contractors. Apart from our vast experience, we spend time covering every inch of your room so that it won't obtain any filth from the dust of the ceiling by covering all ducts and gaps under the doors in order to keep the dust in the room.Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Depend on our expert popcorn ceiling removal contractor to perform precise and diligent work. All technicians use special tools and put just the right force toremove popcorn efficiently without damaging the drywall, which will be checked later for damages. If there is a need for ceiling repair, our first-rate technicians will take care of it. If you want patching of holes or fastener repair, rely on us. Once the technical work is completed and everything is properly cleaned, we paint the ceiling to your satisfaction. If you want popcorn ceiling removal, send us a message.

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